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Trip Leader Information

Thank you, in advance, to our trip leaders! You make the Outing Club shine.
Please be sure to read the Parent Primer, Basic Leadership Principles, and watch the safety videos.

After your trip, be sure to complete the much improved trip recording form and submit your best photos.

Before My Trip, What Should I Do?

Please view the following videos if you will be a parent leader.

10 Essentials

Planning a Day Hike

Trail Etiquette

Basic First Aid

Make a list of the kids attending your trip and communicate with parents about drop off/pick up arrangements.  Group size can be no larger than 12, including adults, for day trips (8 people for overnights). 

Have all health forms.  Paper copies will be in accordion folder in elementary school foyer.

Read 12 Leadership Principles.  

Read Parent Leader's Detailed Trip Primer.

Prepare a first aid kit or pick up kit from elementary school foyer.

After My Trip, What Should I Do?

Please send your top 5 pictures, as jpegs, to  Label them clearly, with trip destination and date, such as HurricaneJuly2018.jpg.

Complete Trip Recording Form.


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